Terms of Service
APPROVED by the Order of the General Director of Appbooster Lp dated March 22, 2022 No. 12
Service — an Internet resource located on the Internet at https://apphero.app. The Service, depending on the presentation, also means the software of the Service, the graphic design of the Service, any of its sections and subsections, as well as information posted on the Service by the Service Administration.

Service Administration - Appbooster Lp, which owns all the relevant exclusive property rights to the Service, including the rights to the domain name of the Service and administers it.

User - a person who has registered on the Service using his mobile phone number and mail, and also has his own Personal Account. For the purposes of the User Agreement, the User is also understood as a person who has not registered on the Service, but who accesses the Service and / or uses and / or used it. Any person accessing the Service thereby automatically confirms that he fully agrees with the provisions of the User Agreement, and that the requirements established by the User Agreement apply to him.

The User's Personal Account is a special subsection of the Service where personal information about the User is located, as well as other information that only this User can place. Any User has the right to have only one Personal Account.

Personal information - information posted by the User when registering on the Service, including: mobile phone number, email, password.

Any terms and concepts used in the Agreement and not reflected in the "Definitions" section will be interpreted in accordance with the meaning arising from the text of the User Agreement. In the event of any disagreement regarding the interpretation of the definition used in the User Agreement, the interpretation to be determined by the Administration of the Service will apply.


This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) establishes the rules and conditions for using the Service.

Registration on the Service, Access to the Service, use of the Service and / or performance of any other actions on the Service by the User automatically means that the User agrees with the content of the User Agreement and undertakes to comply with all the terms of this Agreement.

This Agreement may be changed by the Service Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) at any time without any special notice. The new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Service. The current version of the Agreement is always on the page on the Internet at: https://www.apphero.app/term-of-service.


To gain access to the possibilities of the Service, an individual must complete the registration procedure on the Service in the following way:

Write in the registration form your valid mailbox, as a result of which such person becomes a registered User.

The User undertakes to provide true Personal Information about himself in the registration form and to keep this Information up to date. If this Information changes,

The user undertakes to inform the Administration about this as soon as possible in order to make the necessary changes.

If a person provides incorrect Personal Information or the Administration has reason to believe that the registration Information provided by the person is unreliable, violates the terms of this Agreement, or that the person uses other people's data, then the Administration has the right to suspend or cancel the registration and deny full access to all or some of the features of the Service and/or delete your Personal Account.

The User at any time has the right to refuse to receive mailings in his Personal Account on the Service.


The User undertakes not to disclose or transfer personal information to any third parties to access the Personal Account on the Service, and to take all necessary measures to ensure that this data is not available to any third parties.

If any third party other than the User authorizes on the Service using the User's personal information, then all actions performed by such a person will be considered committed by this User. The User is solely responsible for all actions performed by him on the Service, as well as for all actions performed on the Service by any other persons using the User's login and password.

The User is solely responsible for the safety of his personal information for access to the Personal Account, as well as for all the consequences that may arise as a result of its unauthorized and / or other use.

By virtue of this Agreement, by indicating his personal data on the Service, the User unconditionally agrees:

with the provision of personal data to an unlimited circle of persons using the Service;
with the processing of personal data by the Administration;
with the dissemination of personal data using the Service;
with other actions of the Administration in relation to such data in connection with the operation of the Service

The Administration is not responsible for the possible loss or damage of information that may occur due to
violation by the User of the provisions of this part of this Agreement.



  • A referee is a person who invites another person to use the services of a brand.
  • Referral - an invited client, for which the referee will receive a bonus from the business.

The application provides a referral program.

A referral can invite another person to the application using their referral code. The referral will have to enter this code when registering. After a new user installs the application using a referral code and completes one task, he becomes a referral and receives a welcome bonus in the form of a cash reward in the amount of 3 coins. The referee receives 20% of his referral's earnings.


The use of the Service by the User is allowed only in accordance with this Agreement and exclusively in the ways provided for by the technical capabilities of the Service.

After the User registers on the Service, he will receive periodic service and advertising mailings in the form of an SMS message or personal email.

Any registered User can download applications directly from his/her Personal Account. The bonus is credited within 10 minutes - 1 hour only if all the instructions specified in the relevant section of the Service are followed.

The user can exchange the credited coins for a gift card by entering the required amount of coins in the appropriate field and clicking the "send" button. This procedure is irreversible and does not provide for the cancellation of the exchange of coins after the transaction.

The Administration is the legal owner and owns all exclusive property and other relevant rights to the Service in full, including, but not limited to, the Service software, graphics, design. The User undertakes not to post in public access any materials available in the Service, including, but not limited to: texts of tasks, screenshots of interfaces.

Users undertake to use any information contained on the Service only for personal non-commercial purposes, unless permission for other use is given by the Administration and / or the relevant copyright holders.


The Administration tries to ensure the proper functioning of the Service around the clock, but does not bear any responsibility if there are any violations in the operation of the Service for any reason.

The Administration does not guarantee that the Information posted on the Service will be available at any time, or will not be deleted or lost.

The Administration is not responsible for failures and delays in the operation of the Service, as well as for the possible consequences of such failures and delays.

The Administration is not responsible for the possible leakage of Information from the Service Database for any reason, including as a result of unauthorized actions of third parties.

The Administration is not responsible for the presence of viruses on the Service, as well as for the possible consequences of infecting the User's computer with viruses or getting other malicious programs on the User's computer.

The Administration is not responsible, does not reimburse and is not liable for any losses, including lost profits, moral and other harm caused to the User or third parties as a result of their use of the Service or in connection with the operation of the Service, as well as in all other cases provided for in this Agreement .

The User is solely responsible for the Information communicated by him to other Users or third parties through the Service, including for its content and compliance with the requirements of the legislation of government, for violation of the rights of third parties to the posted and/or communicated

Information by the User (including, but not limited to, the rights of the author and / or related rights, rights to means of individualization, rights to trade secrets and other rights protected by law).

The User independently compensates for any losses (including lost profits, moral and other harm) incurred by other Users, third parties or the Administration as a result of these violations and / or posting such Information on the Service, and / or reporting such Information through the Service, as well as performing other actions in connection with the use of the Service.

The User may not load, store, distribute, present, make public, publish, refer to or link, with the aid of the App, any content that could violate or impair the personality rights and/or property rights of third parties, and/or is considered obscene, offensive, defamatory, lewd, violence-glorifying, pornographic, harassing, unsuitable for minors, racist, hate speech, xenophobic, extreme right-wing, or otherwise objectionable, and/or contains or represents viruses, Trojans, circumventions within the sense of access control service law, or unsolicited mass transmissions (so-called “spam”), and/or serves and/or is suitable to read, store or transfer personal data of other members for purposes other than the proper use of the offering, and/or invites participation in chain letter, pyramid scheme or bonus share promotions or has other marketing purposes.

The User may only set up one account in the App (“prohibition of multiple accounts”). In particular, an account may not be used to provide benefits to another account of the same user

The Administration reserves the right to send SMS messages to the user's number or to the personal email specified during registration, until the latter unsubscribes from the corresponding mailing list in the User's Personal Account.

The Administration undertakes to take all organizational and technical measures when processing Users' personal information to protect them from unauthorized access in a manner not provided for by the Service and not to transfer Personal Information to third parties without the User's written consent.

However, it is possible that as a result of a failure in the operation of the Service, a virus or hacker attack, technical malfunctions and other circumstances, personal information of Users may become available to other persons. The User understands this and agrees that he will not make any claims against the Administration.

The user guarantees that he uses only his own data. In turn, the Service undertakes not to copy the personal data of the Users and not to use them for purposes not related to the direct functionality of the Service.

The User undertakes not to post personal information of any third parties on the Service, and also not to use the personal information of other Users for illegal or unlawful purposes, in order to derive benefits and for any other purposes that do not correspond to the purposes of creating Service. You are responsible for all activity that occurs on your account. We should not be liable for loss or damages caused by any unauthorized use of the account or loss or unauthorized use of the Access Data.

If the User does not agree with the above conditions, then he must immediately terminate the registration procedure, or, if this procedure has been completed, inform the Administration for the subsequent deletion of the Personal Account, and use the Service exclusively as an unregistered User.

The User and the Site Administration will try to resolve all disputes and disagreements that have arisen between them through negotiations. If it is impossible to resolve disputes and disagreements through negotiations, they are subject to consideration in the appropriate court at the location of the Administration.