Make money
with your cellphone

Make money
with your
Complete simple
tasks and get rewards!

How to earn money by tasks?

Download the mobile app AppHero in Google Play
Visit the service regularly and keep an eye on new tasks

Follow the instructions and get rewards.

Exchange coins for gift cards

You can start making money using your mobile right now. To do this, you do not need anything other than a special application and mobile Internet. Earning money on mobile does not require you to have any specific skills.

The essence of the application is that you need to perform simple tasks for money. For example, testing other applications, taking surveys, reaching a certain level in games, and so on. For this, you get coins that can be exchanged for gift cards.

Tasks appear every day, so you can earn money every day without much effort. Complete tasks while you are standing in traffic, at lunch, at night, during commercials on TV. You can log in to the app irregularly and still get rewarded. There are no rules here, you work whenever you want.

Making money on a mobile phone is simple!